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How to say goodnight in chinese

How you say goodnight in Chinese to someone depends on your relationship with the person. Here are some general and sweet expressions. (It's quite a good translation of sweet dreams blending both Chinese and Western concepts, but be warned that it is cheesy.) Or you may So basically, you can say 'have a good time with Zhougong'. How do you say "goodnight" in Thai?. From the answer key of beginner Chinese mini-test, you can learn how to say 晚安 good night in Chinese language. And you can also learn.

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin); Base language: English good night=晚安( when use for byebye) or 晚上好(when use for greetings). Learn how to say the Chinese phrase for Good night with standard Mandarin pronunciation. Free Mandarin phrases with pinyin and literal translation. Chinese, like all languages, has its own set of unique greetings which may be of the language (this is particularly true if the two cultures are vastly different). Below 4 Good evening / Good night; 5 Good-bye; 6 Chinese New Year Greetings.

Good night baby, sweet dreams! (English) = 晚安寶貝,做個好夢! (Chinese). Perhaps you know how to say “nǐ hǎo,” but not goodbye. Or perhaps you already know how to goodbye in Chinese – “zài jiàn” – but you're.

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