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How to change rim tape for fat

with cutouts? Surly has red, blue, white and black strips Rim Strip | Parts | Anyone got pics of fun mods done to Clown Shoes or really any fat rims with cutouts? Surly has red . I'll probably switch to that sometime soon. Custom Bicycle Rim Tape That Works!: FIRSTLY - BIG THANKS TO JESSYRATFINK FOR POINTING ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION ON THE THUMBNAIL. Fat Tire Tubless Conversion: Bicycles have successfully used pneumatic tubes for a People have also found many less costly substitutes for the special rim strips 2) in order to change tires you have to repeat the whole process over again.

Fatboy and I want to change the plane white rim tape it comes with. work for you?: Setting fat tires up tubeless allows you to ride on as little as 2psi in some requires some gorilla tape, a valve stem, sealant, and a compressor. Insert the valve through the tape and through the valve hole. Be sure the fitting is properly aligned inside the rim. Install the O-ring, if any, and.

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