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How to raise wracky monster rancher 2

To obtain a Wracky in Monster Rancher 2, reach Rank 7 and raise your Fame as high as possible. You will receive a Scary Doll item in the mail. Keep the doll. at 1year 5 monthes its up to int/speed, 1 power(leap), and everything else around 50, skinny, neutral(finally got the "bad" out of him), along. For Monster Rancher 2 on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "raising a wracky".

Monster Rancher 2. Fenricks "Method Combo" Tips - These are the Primary methods used in this raising style. •Dark Phoenix's Freezer method • Mepersoner's. Is the Wracky a monster worth keeping it has low stats but i haerd it has a long life . Are there any sub breads of the wracky that have better stats. Monster Rancher 2 Cheats - PlayStation Cheats: This page contains a When one of your monsters die the doll will come to life and turns into Wracky. You must raise a Hopper to B class and when it digs up stuff for you it.

So far I have raised a White Tiger to "A" rank, a Hopper/Pixie to "A" rank . they're tough to raise, I have had a lot of fun battling with my Wracky. Monster Rancher/ Monster Farm; Monster Rancher 2; Monster Rancher 3; Monster Rancher 4 .. Wracky in 2 has pathetic starting stats and is a pain to raise.

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