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How to make a psalm 23 bracelets

Prayer bracelets join traditional rosaries and other necklaces or waist strands as a means to focus prayers. The well-known 23rd Psalm lends itself well as a theme for a prayer bracelet. This corresponds with the words “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want,” as burgundy. Share the message of God's love with this Salvation Necklace! Silver Plated JUMPLOCK Open Jump Rings (Package of 10 Jump Rings) Silver Plated Star Bead. How to Make a Psalm 23 Prayer Bracelet. The use of beads to complement prayers is an old tradition that has recently experienced new birth.

Let's get started! Psalm 23 Bracelet 6 mm Beads, Psalm Twenty Three Bracelet , Beaded Bracelet, Christian Bracelet, Faith Inspired Jewelry, Boho Style. I made this Psalm 23 bracelet for my sister's birthday gift. What is a I have yet to make one for myself isn't that how it always goes? But I did. Psalm 23 Bracelet 2 Different colored beads are strung together to make a bracelet, with each bead representing an image from the verses.

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